Hark! An AGM beckons!

It’s that time of year again: we’re handing over the keys to the kingdom to a brand new team of theatremakers! Our AGM is scheduled for 6:00pm, Monday 12th October, and will be held in Room D309, Footscray Park campus. For a full agenda, please visit the Facebook event or contact us by email.

Short Position Descriptions

President – responsible for managing the club, including final approval on all financial and artistic decisions made by the committee. This role has a strong focus on representing students to the university, and taking care of the rest of the committee – making sure responsibilities are being shared fairly, and members are behaving with respect and conscience toward the university, each other, and the student body. A leader is only as effective as those they lead.

Vice-President – supports the president in their role and facilitates communication within the committee. May be called upon to act in the President’s stead in the event of illness or absence.

Treasurer – manages club finances and ensures the club remains financially solvent in all activities.

Secretary is present for and records all committee meetings, membership lists and appropriate events (to be decided by the committee).

Media Officer – facilitates external communication between the club and the student body, media outlets and media personnel, including University employees: responsible for the effective use and development of social media and online presence of the club in conjunction with the Secretary.

Events Officer – Designs, proposes and facilitates club events [excluding performances], in conjunction with the Treasurer and Media Officer.

General committeevotes on major executive decisions within the theatre, and supports the outcome of those decisions

It’s been a great year, and we look forward to seeing an even better, brighter 2016 take shape when the new committee takes over. More information on all of these roles is available upon request, so email us with your questions!

Signing off,

Treasurer/Media Officer, VUTC 2015



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