Back in Action

Semester 2 is nearly upon us!

We have the supreme pleasure of collaborating on La Mas Collective‘s student-devised Melbourne Fringe production Boxed In. Auditions are being held tonight for cast and crew, with positions announced on Friday the 17th of July.

Boxed In is an immersive exploration of physical performance, group dynamics, and visual and audio discoveries that promises to be a unique experience in making theatre with a steering committee of talented young creators. We’re honoured to support Gemma, Phillip, Justin, Sarah and our own Vice-President Nikolaos to make this project all that it can be.


The results of our Pitch Competition will be out soon, and we look forward to working with participants to take the next step. Semester 2 will bring us Big West festival shows, improvisational acting workshops for students, and so much more – but there’s always room for you, the student. We encourage new and old members to approach us with their ideas, play Space Jump regularly, and fight the patriarchy.

Best of luck!


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