Semester 1, Week 6: Semester Break Edition, or These Blog Titles Are Getting Kind Of Long, Don’t You Think?


What a sick trailer.

Guess you’d better come see the show. Don’t got the scratch? We’re taking expressions of keenness right now for volunteers to help us run the show’s front of house. If you’d like to help with setting up, marketing, or need to get some more references on your resume, send us an email. We need:

  • Bartenders*
  • Door bitches (ticket sales)
  • Street team (posters)

Volunteering during the run is a great way to touch base with us and have a bit of fun, especially if you haven’t had the time to commit to a show. Plus, you get to watch us do silly stuff for free. Join the fam.

*To volunteer as a bartender, you must be at least 18 years old. No experience or RSA necessary. Responsible Service of Alcohol training is not mandatory for volunteers if they are supervised by someone who holds an RSA (which, obviously, you will be). And yes, you can put us down as a reference.

What else?



this is my holiday face no judgement pls


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