What do FOH volunteers do?

Front of house volunteers are essentially lifeguards in the stormy ocean of shit-to-do that starts claiming victims on opening night. As the producer of our next show, I cordially invite you to please help, I’m drowning.

Now, on to our next segment.

What’s in it for me?

  • Free shit (specifics to be discussed, this could be softdrink or food)
  • Experience (put us down as a reference for your next application!)
  • You get to chill with us
  • You get to see the show when you work

Sounds mad, what can I do?

  • Sell tickets or programs at the door
  • Serve at the bar (no RSA necessary to volunteer, you will be supervised)
  • Help set up/pack up the venue

I’m in!

Great! Send us an email.

The show runs from Wednesday the 29th of April until Saturday the 2nd of May.

Can’t make those dates? Send us an email anyway. You can still help out with distributing posters and other stuff, if you’re keen!

Talk to you soon,


One thought on “What do FOH volunteers do?

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