Semester 1, Weeks 4 & 5: Itchy sweaters, baby retro

We’re in the news!

Not the real news. The uni news website posted an article about us, which is like, super cute. Don’t write for Cracked, write for us.

We’ve acquired a cast and a stage manager for Christmas in July (hereby referred to as Christmas-in-July-which-is-not-in-July-it’s-actually-in-May) and we’re starting (starting) to get our shit together. There’s even, like, a Facebook event. If you do come to the show, trigger warning for carols.

What else? Oh, we had a fun, fun public meeting on Wednesday, too. Where were you?

10410388_858097040913654_8193883634779401358_n 11081233_858097080913650_66266849220627667_n

Sorry to keep going on about Christmas, but you know. The play’s the thing.

We’re pretty excited to have the support of fellow arty-people-clubs the Victoria University Photography Club and the Victoria University A’capella Singers on this project. Consider joining them (or us) in their endeavours to sing and snap the show. If you’re in a club and want to get yourselves involved, contact us immediately, because this train is steaming fully ahead. I think that’s… how you say that.

Stay fabulous,



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