Semester 1, Week 1: Christmas in Footscray

Okay, now we are totally orientated!

It’s been a massive week in the Western suburbs for us, appearing at many of VU’s orientation events. We’ve met so many amazing students, and had a blast playing theatre games and chatting with new & old friends.

Look, proof.

If you joined us over the past few days, you might ask, “now what”? Now we make theatre together. We strive to make our voices heard. We realize our artistry. Our power levels go over 9,000 etc etc

All bullshit aside, we got stuff for you. Check out our new competition for creative writers. That’s a thing. We’ve also got a great script reading coming up in just over a week, for our new actors to start dipping their toes in. The play, Christmas in July, was written by Mia Robinson, and will be our first production this year. It’s about a dysfunctional family on a non-existent holiday. There are gonna be auditions for it. Like, soon. Maybe even on the 11th of March. Make sure you’re on our mailing list to hear about it first.

A lot of people who signed up over the last week seem more interested in joining the crew instead of the cast – and that’s great! We know that not everyone’s as keen as we are to get into the spotlight. In the weeks leading up to each show, we’ll be asking our members who prefer to stay behind the scenes to step up, and claim starring roles in making our shows work. Every one of you is needed. However, if you have experience in makeup, costuming, lighting or sound design in particular, now is a great time to let us know in advance (so we can call on you in our time of dire need).

Volunteering to help backstage means meeting new people, teaming up, learning and making cool shit – honestly, there’s so much stuff that crew members do to get a show up and running that it’s impossible to quantify. We only know that we couldn’t do it without them. So, a huge welcome to all our new actors… and all our new backstage heroes.

We’re lucky to have you.


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